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Sankofa - A Return to Original African Culture, Traditions, Religions and Unity 

We Are All Africans

Amidst the wealth of our educational and instructional  materials, this new African book considering the total domination of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in Africa from an African perspective turns the faith-culture on its side and exposes gaping holes in light of new realities.

Book Cover - African Culture

Africa - One People, One Country, One Government for All Africans!

Proudly promoting the unity and oneness of the global African family on the continent and abroad, and the integration of the 55 European colonies into one country run by one  continental government.
We Have More Than 50 Years of Experience

Who We Are

Explore African history and culture in a way you never have before with our new book, We Are All Africans, from Palmdale, California. Our company provides educational materials that help Africans unite and integrate. We promote the unification of the African countries into one country and raise awareness of the exploitation of the continent through taking control of the natural resources. Our lectures, online seminars, and educational materials are available in digital format, DVD and CD, downloads and soon in newspaper form. Our book exposes all three major religions as tools of racial supremacy by Jews, Europeans and Arabs to destroy African culture, history, traditions and spirituality of our ancestors. It also offers insight in dehumanization , genocide and exploitation of the African people by the people who brought us Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Contact We Are All Africans in Palmdale, California, to gain a new perspective of African Cosmology -
origin, history, culture, unity and integration.